Bobux New Summer 2022 Range in NZ Leather Kids Sandals

Posted by Amanda


The new range is in!

So sit back & relax & view the range:



Check out our video above , style by style on the IWalk kids leather sandal range that has just arrived in. Super cute Girls Sandal, Boys Sandals, Girls Trainers. Boys Trainers

Unfortunately the Step Ups and Kid Plus have been delayed ( on a boat somewhere. Though they should be with us soon 

The new summer range from Bobux are here and we have a Look Book so that you can view all the styles and colours at leisure.

It's great for planning out your needs for the coming season.

To view, click this link:


Many old favs have made a comeback, most with updated colour palettes and there is some new styles too.

Check out the bright and funky Rise featuring closed heels  for the Step Ups and IWalks, giving better support for growing feet. And the added velcro strap at the back of the ankle for the Kid Plus range. Again a feature that gives better adjustment for different ankle shapes.

Bobux New Summer 2022

There's a new style, or should I say re-engineered. The Twist offer girls a cover over the top of the foot with a peep toe and aeration around the sides of the foot. Great for a dressier look.

Magic is the new Sail and now goes up to the Kid Plus range.

Does your little onw want glitter and sparkle?  Then look for the new Gem.


Grass Court is back in more colours and a new Riley makes an appearance, it's in white with different coloured accents. 

If you liked Switch with the removeable/switchable straps there's more again for spring.