Sizing Guide for Children

Just like adults, some shoes fit well for some children and others don’t The sizes brands & styles within brands differ so send us the childs foot measurements so that we can estimate the size           


It is not easy to measure the length of the foot accurately.     The easiest way is to place a piece of paper or tape measure on a hard surface or floor & have the child stand on it, making sure that the toes are not curled. Having the child stand against a wall helps.   Check length from heal to longest toe. Measure both feet as some children can have different   sized feet …. This is normal….                


Some shoes are on the wider side, therefore, it is possible that if your child has narrow   feet, the full amount of grow room may not be possible. This will decrease the amount of time the shoe will fit, however some brands come in multiple widths (Clarks) & others are narrower by design (Richter). When measuring length also measure the width at the widest part of the foot & advise                         

How can we tell if the fit is correct?      

Try the shoes on – inside – as shoes  cannot be returned if they have been worn outside   Shoes/ trainers        

Length  – have the child wiggle their feet  to the end of the shoe, check to see if there is a thumb room  of grow room…. Yes this is the rule of thumb…. And it’s  the width of an adults thumb   

Width -  put the shoes on as usual, fasten and have the child walk away from you.. Make sure that the   shoes are not slipping on the back of the foot. Check inside to make sure the foot is not hard up    against the sides of the shoe ( squashing the foot)      Older children should be able to tell you if they are comfortable              

Sandals         These are easier… just make sure there is approximately a thumb width  between the longest toe & the end of the sandal