You don't need a 'special' Birkenstocks Discount Code as all our Birkies are already discounted from the RRP!

That's just the way we roll. Providing you quality footwear cheaper. 

Foot Forward Shoes is proud to be an authorised Birkenstock Stockist in NZ bringing you a fabulous range both online and in store at our Hamilton based local store were you can try them on for the perfect fit. We deliver freight free to Auckland, Christchurch and everywhere else in NZ.

Lets dive into the awesomeness of Birkenstock sandals and footwear that everyone's crazy about right now. Get ready for the lowdown on what makes these babies so popular!

Let's start with the heart of every Birkenstock model: their original Birkenstock footbed. Back in the 1930s, they were like, "Hey, we're gonna make insoles that rock!" These footbeds weren't just for treating wonky feet; they were all about promoting the healthiest feet ever.

Don't forget most styles com in 2 different widths. The regular for a mens or womens wider foot. Or the narrow, suitable for women and also teens that can tend to have a finer width foot.

Seriously, these footbeds are crafted with mad attention to detail. They've got these fancy anatomical moldings that support your feet, joints, and back, and take the pressure off like a boss. Many  say that Birkenstocks can help with  plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

And not just in leather! there are styles with synthetic leather uppers, but still with the full Birkenstock sole, plus Vegan options! And don't forget the get wet dry our EVA or 'plastic' versions which are great for the beach.