Crocs Jibbitz Charms NZ

They're Back!

Welcome to our playful and vibrant collection of Crocs Jibbitz charms! These adorable accessories are not just for kids—adults, you're in on the fun too! Discover a world of personalisation and endless possibilities as you explore our Jibbitz extravaganza.

Imagine those classic Crocs clogs and sandals transformed into unique, eye-catching masterpieces. Jibbitz are the magic touch that makes it happen! These charming little trinkets effortlessly "pop" into the holes of your Crocs, instantly adding personality and pizzazz to your footwear.

For the little ones, Jibbitz are more than just decorative accents. They're the secret code at the playground and kindy, helping them distinguish their shoes from their friends'. No more mix-ups or shoe swapping—each Jibbitz becomes a badge of identity, ensuring their shoes are unmistakably theirs.

Now, let's talk perks! We know you'll fall head over heels for our special deals. Buy more than one pack of Jibbitz, and enjoy an exclusive discount. Oh, and did we mention? We ship these delightful charms to all corners of New Zealand, completely free of charge! From our Hamilton-based store, your Jibbitz will find their way to you with a skip and a jump.

With a dazzling array of styles and colors, choosing just one may prove to be the ultimate challenge. But fret not, because Jibbitz are made for sharing! Swap them with friends and family to create even more unique combinations and let the fun multiply.

So, what exactly are Jibbitz?

They are the epitome of cool and cute—charming shoe accessories designed to fit snugly into the holes of your beloved Crocs. With a multitude of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, there's a Jibbitz for every taste and mood. Express your individuality with these playful companions that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Curious about how to attach Jibbitz to your Crocs?

It's a breeze! Simply support the top of your shoe with one hand and use the other to push the Jibbitz base through the hole. Voilà! Your Crocs are now a canvas ready for personalization.

But what if you want to mix things up?

Well, removing Jibbitz is just as easy as putting them on. Just push the base of the Jibbitz out of the hole while gently pulling from the top. Swap, switch, and create new combinations every day—it's as simple as that.

Still searching for the perfect pair of shoes to showcase your shiny new Jibbitz? Look no further! Explore our collection of Jibbitz-compatible shoes and classic Crocs that are ready to embrace your creativity.

So, dive into our Jibbitz wonderland and let your imagination run wild. Get ready to accessorize, personalize, and turn heads with the most delightful shoe charms in town. Happy Jibbitzing!