Dr Martens - Better Late Than Never - New Styles In Now!

Posted by Amanda

Dr Martens - Better Late Than Never - New Styles In Now!

New in at last, is a range of docs that were mostly due to land in store in July, 2021!

Just another thing to thank Covid for.

To be honest we did think that they might not arrive, but are so very glad that they did.

But anyway, here's a quick video on the styles with a little bit about each style. There are some neat details that we are sure that you are going to love.

Check out the contrasting panel at the heel on the unisex Abruzzo's, not to mention the cute eyelets.

What do you think about the new Indigo in the smooth leather? It's a unisex fit and some women (but not all) go down a size.

New Pascals in Mid Blue and Pine Green in a more women's finer fit. Most stick to their usual size however some do find the stitching across the top of the foot were the tongue is sewn in a bit firm (if they are wider). Loving the mono chrome laces look.

The MAX, well that is a standout. It's also a Pascal and in the soft Pisa leather s less wearing in required. Also the Bex Pscal 8 up too!

Oh and What about more sandals? I hear you say, yes they are still coming. At this stage is sounds like they might arrive before Christmas. But whether that will be in time for the Christmas courier rush or not we just don't know.

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