Pretty Brave - Toddlers and Kids Boots, Shoes and Sandals

"Welcome to our Pretty Brave range! Whether is will be shoes, sandals or boots they aim to be your kid's companion from their first crawl to their running adventures.

Designed in New Zealand they provide stylish, comfy shoes for your little ones from birth until they turn eight. Their team of design wizards work with some real shoe gurus - fitting experts, last developers, and foot doctors to make sure your kiddos will love wearing our shoes.

They’re big fans of leather – it's like a personal air-conditioner for feet, keeping them cool and odor-free. Plus, it's tough as nails, perfect for those tiny tornadoes who love to give their shoes a good workout.

The leather shoes get even comfier over time, molding to your kid's feet like a perfect hug. And the best part? You can restore 'em, give them some TLC, and pass them on to siblings or friends.

Pretty Brave is all on board with our high bar for quality, and big hearts for humanity and Mother Earth. Choosing them isn’t just about getting cool shoes; it's also about bagging top quality, ultimate comfort, and some serious good karma from ethical making.