COVID-19 What We Can & Can't Send as Non Food Essentials



UPDATE: now on Level 3 please click here



As of now, but subject to change... please note, NZ has plenty of stock in the country and if you can wait for your usual small business to open please do so!

They will need your support when things change. All footwear and apparel businesses will be totally stocked up for the change of season.

Only purchase for delivery NOW what you NEED now. (shipping is always FREE)

Please be respectful of the added risks to courier drivers etc.and only order as necessary.

I am able to supply as I work alone, with no outside help.

You may still pre-order shoes and boots for delivery when allowed.


What we can send:

Work Shoes - Essential Workers - were you need replacement footwear we are happy to provide great comfy shoes like Skechers! We will be checking with you for confirmation.


Kids Shoes - where you have a definite need now for your child's heath (including  having grow room foot development when your child has grown out of current shoes) For safety and warmth. Lamington wool socks



What we Can't Send Right Now:

Unless you give us a good reason on why they are essential to you:

Dr Martens


Vans (except full black for workwear)

Wedged or Heeled Shoes



Please do not be offended if we contact you prior to sending to confirm your needs

Contact us at if you would like anymore info.

At this stage we will be sending on a Monday & Friday

Stay Safe